Digital TV Marketing

The Physician Alliance is pleased to announce that we have partnered with the Reel Health Network as our exclusive vendor for in-office digital screen marketing services for our member practices. TPA members will receive preferred pricing and terms.

What is the Reel Health Network?

The Reel Health Network is an innovative digital video and media company specializing in the deployment of hi-def video screens in medical office waiting areas. Their goal is three-fold: to educate, motivate, and entertain the patients and family members that visit your office. Through engaging programming, the Reel Health Network provides a powerful turn-key marketing tool to reach a captive and highly targeted audience to inform them of your medical services and products.

Reel Health Network Offers:

-Large screen, hi-definition TVs in medical offices
-Tailored, flexible and relevant messaging delivered to your patient and waiting room visitors
-An award winning creative staff to produce high-quality promotions
-Social media and website interactivity
-Supporting office literature rack

Value to Your Practice:

-Reach a targeted, captive audience at the most influential point of sale
-Promote your services via customized and creative messaging in a trusted environment
-Articulate your breadth of services, training, and certifications
-Strengthen relationships and loyalty among physicians and patients
-Impact your patients’ own health management
-Improve waiting time and patient satisfaction through fresh, engaging quality programming
-Boost containment, retention, compliance and in-network service volumes

Visit the Reel Health Network website at to see video screens and content.

Call (586) 359-6600 to schedule an appointment to learn how the Reel Health Network can work in your practice.