Patient Centered Medical Home


The Physician Alliance is proud to work with the 124 primary care practices selected as patient-centered medical home practices by BCBSM, effective September 2020.

2020 Patient Centered Medical Home practice list


Female healthcare worker filling in a form with a senior woman during a home health visitABOUT THE PATIENT CENTERED MEDICAL HOME PROGRAM:

The Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) is a health care model that strives to facilitates partnerships between individual patients and primary care providers, as well as other caregivers and the patient’s family. The PCMH model is patient-centered, team-based, coordinated and focused on quality and safety for the patient. It relies on the primary care physician to facilitate partnerships with other physicians, health care staff and the patient to ensure necessary care is received and long-term coordination of care is available across the care continuum.

Practices that are designated as a patient-centered medical home seek to adopt new care delivery methods, technologies, and relationships with patients and families.

Each year, The Physician Alliance nominates practices for consideration in Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan’s patient-centered medical home designation program. This PCMH program is part of BCBSM’s Physician Group Incentive Program.

Learn more about BCBSM’s PCMH program.

BCBSM PCMH 2020 Designation flyer

BCBSM Interpretive Guidelines new updates
1.0 Patient Provider Partnership
2.0 Patient Registry 3.0 Performance Reporting
4.0 Individual Care Management
5.0 Extended Access
6.0 Test Results Tracking and Follow Up
8.0 Electronic Prescribing
9.0 Preventative Services
10.0 Linkage to Community Services
11.0 Self Management Support
12.0 Patient Web Portal
13.0 Coordination of Care
14.0 Specialist Pre-Consultation Referral Process